Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ask Jewelry Stores in Long Beach, CA About Non-Diamond Ring Options

Another option is to forget encrusting the rings with precious stones. Plain gold and platinum works too, especially to women who prefer minimalist designs. Before the 20th century, most rings hardly had diamonds. The simple couple can make do with gold or platinum rings that a number of good jewelry stores in Long Beach, CA like McCarty's Jewelry offer. These plated rings can also work as wedding rings.


Monday, November 4, 2013

Is SI3 a Scam? Ask Your Trusted Long Beach Jewelry Store to Find Out

The SI category stands for “slightly included,” which means inclusions or flaws can be identified under 10x magnification. These flaws can affect the brilliance of the diamond and, along with it, it's value in the market. The controversial SI3 lies somewhere between the SI and I ranges, precisely between SI2 and I1. Many people are dived over this issue, from industry insiders to owners of a Long Beach jewelry store. However some jewelers recognize the SI3 grade, as well as reputable jewelry stores like McCarty's Jewelry.