Sunday, January 12, 2014

Why Shopping in Actual Jewelry Stores in Long Beach, CA is Still Better

Another upside to shopping in-store as opposed to online, apart from the physical accessibility of choices, is that consumers can easily return the item to the shop should there be any defects to it. Transacting in person still remains to be the primary method of shopping for most people, too, as reflected in a Yahoo! UK-published infographic. Here, it was detailed how consumers were willing to pay up to 50% more for items they can see.

As much as the promise of online shopping is good, the experience of combing through all the available Long Beach jewelry shops to find that perfect engagement ring is better. Interested clients can go to reliable services like McCartys Jewelry for more information about ring selection.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Ring Shopping Tips for Men from a Trusted Long Beach Jewelry Store

The adventure to marriage begins with the proposal. Women, understandably, get all excited about it not only because the man they love finally expresses willingness to spend forever with them, but also because they get to rock a new, shiny ring. For men, the only thing probably more difficult than popping the question itself is finding the perfect engagement ring.

Indeed, picking out the right ring is a huge hit or miss for the men, and one that can potentially cost them their relationship. To help the hapless young chaps – clueless about engagement rings – find the perfect fit from a reliable Long Beach jewelry store, Carmel Lobello of The Week published an article giving tips on what to do to get that ring that will give them a “Yes.”